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"So what would you push me to do?" Tracy asked again, shaking Cathy out of her own thoughts.

"I don't know," Cathy admitted. "Maybe you should go for your two guy fantasy?" Even as she said it, Cathy felt like that Tracy wouldn't need a push to do that. Now that Cathy had broken down that barrier for her, Tracy would probably go for it on her own. The conversation paused again, both women drifting into their own thoughts. A memory came back to Cathy out of nowhere.

"I dated a guy after Tommy," Cathy told Tracy , "who was obsessed with cheating housewives. Jeff his name was. He told me he was always wondering which ones were doing it. He'd point to women when we were out and ask me if I thought she looked like she might be screwing around on her husband." If Tracy was surprised by Cathy's embarking on a seemingly unrelated story, she didn't show it. Cathy continued.

"I finally got him to tell me how he got started on the whole cheating wife thing in the first place. When he was in high school and college, he spent his summers working at a local fitness club as a life guard. It was a place near his house and a lot of the members were his neighbors.

"There was one woman--I think he said her name was Sanders, or Saunders--who lived a couple doors down from him. She was married, had school age kids and he always thought they were just a normal, boring family.

"The mom came in to the gym every week, did a half hour of workouts, swam for another half hour, took a shower and went home. Three times a week, same days, same time, every week, like clockwork.

"One afternoon he sees one of the other life guards, a guy a couple years older than him, coming out of the supply room. The guy didn't really have any reason to be in there, but Jeff didn't think much of it. A few minutes later, Mrs. Sanders comes out of the women's locker room and Jeff says hi to her and all, again not thinking anything's unusual.

"Two days later, same time and same place, he sees his co-worker coming out of the supply room again. He said he almost asked the guy what he was doing in there, but the guy hurried away, like he didn't want to be asked. Jeff was still in the hall when, a couple minutes later, Mrs. Sanders walks out of the ladies' locker room again.

"He said that was when he began to think something was going on. The supply room was between the men's' and women's' locker rooms. Jeff figures that maybe the other life guard found a peephole into the women's locker room and he's in there checking out Mrs. Sanders. Now, apparently, Mrs. Sanders wasn't that hot--Jeff called her an Amazon with a big ass and small titties--but she was very regular in her routine. So it made sense to Jeff that the guy would sneak in to peek in on her. It would be easier and less chance of getting caught, 'cause he knew exactly when to go in.

"Jeff sneaked into the supply room the next chance he got and looked around, but he couldn't find any peepholes. So he figured he'd hide, watch the other life guard and find it that way.

"So the following week, he slipped into the supply room while Mrs. Sanders was still in the pool and hid behind the racks on the side closest to the men's' locker room. Sure enough, the other life guard comes in and locks the door behind him. But instead of going to a hidden peephole, the guy unlocks the door to the ladies' locker room. There were doors," Cathy explained, "between the locker rooms and the supply room for the janitors to use. And I guess they kept them locked so people couldn't go in and steal stuff.

"Anyway, Jeff said he got real nervous. He was wondering if the guy was going to just sneak right into the ladies' locker room and spy on her that way. See, Jeff was really hoping to find the peephole so he could use it. If the guy was actually going into the ladies' shower to peek, that would have made it a little too high-risk for Jeff.

"Then comes the big shock--a few minutes later, Mrs. Sanders herself comes into the supply room and locks the door behind her! Jeff said it was amazing that he didn't give himself away, he was so surprised. He couldn't imagine what the hell she was doing coming in there.

"Then an even bigger shock--they hardly even said hello or anything before the guy pulled out his dick. And she didn't freak out or show any kind of reaction. She just took hold of it and started stroking it. Next thing Jeff knew, she was kneeling down giving the guy head.

"He said the whole thing was, like, totally surreal to him. Mrs. Sanders was one of the neighborhood moms and he was hiding behind a rack watching her suck a guy roughly his own age. He said that was a huge awakening for him, realizing that a thirty-or-forty-something neighborhood mom might do something crazy like that."

"So what happened?" Tracy asked, fascinated with Cathy's story. "Did he just watch, or what?"

"I'm getting there!" Cathy said with a laugh. "Hold your horses. Anyway, he watched her give the guy a blow job. Jeff said the guy's dick wasn't that big, but Mrs. Sanders treated it like it was the greatest thing. He said it took her about four or five minutes to get him to cum and she got really into it when he did, maybe even got off on it herself. He wasn't sure.

"Then she licks him clean, puts him back in his trunks, gets up, tells him thanks and she'll see him Wednesday. Then she goes back out into the ladies' locker room and goes home, like nothing happened."

"So Jeff hides on Wednesday again. He said he beat off thinking about the whole thing at least three or four times in between and couldn't wait to see it again. He said the first time he was so surprised that it was all a bit of a blur. This time he wanted to pay more attention to the details." Cathy shrugged, "I guess at the time, he was really only planning to watch and beat off later."

"Anyway, the life guard comes in, unlocks the door and waits. Mrs. Sanders comes in a few minutes later and they get down to business pretty quick. Same deal, they barely say hi before she's on her knees sucking his dick. A few minutes later, he cums, she cleans him up, says thanks and they both leave.

"Jeff told me that at first, he thought about just beating off right there in the supply room, he was so turned on. But then he got another idea. He knew she was going to leave the locker room in a few minutes, so he went out in the hall to see her. He said he really didn't know why he did it. He just wanted to see her walk by and look at her, knowing she had just sucked some guy's dick--he said he got really turned on looking at her, knowing that she had a guy's cum in her belly. Then he would go beat off.

"So she came out of the locker room and saw him hanging around in the hall for the third time in two weeks and gave him a strange look. Jeff realized that she had given him a similar look the week before, he just hadn't given it much thought. But this time he knows what that look is: She's wondering if Jeff knows or suspects anything. After all, they lived a couple houses from each other and knew all the same people. Poor Mrs. Sanders might have been in for some major embarrassment.

"When she saw him, Jeff, obviously, had a hard on. And Jeff noticed that she noticed. For some reason he said that prompted him to be bold. He stepped in front of her and said 'Hi, Mrs. Sanders!' in a kind of loud voice. Then he nodded toward the ladies' locker room and the supply closet and said, 'Why don't you go back in there?'

"At first, he said he thought she was going to slap him or yell at him or go get the manager. Then she just turned around and went back into the locker room. Jeff went back into the supply room and unlocked the door, no idea if she actually would come in or not.

"He said he was so surprised when she actually came in that he started to lose his erection. He wasn't sure what was going to happen. His heart was racing and he was actually sweating. He thought maybe she agreed to come into the supply room so she'd have a private place to tell him off. Kinda silly, but I guess if you're a kid being confronted by someone you think of as a 'grown-up'..." Cathy laughed. "I guess that might make you think a little irrationally. He knew he had the upper hand and all. He had just seen her sucking another guy's dick. He could easily blackmail her... if he had the nerve.

"Anyway, she comes in and before she says anything, he says, 'I saw the whole thing,' or something like that. She asks him what he means and he tells her that he was hiding behind the racks a few minutes ago--when she was blowing the other life guard. He said she gave him a real funny look--he had no idea what she was going to say. Then she tells him maybe he should pull down his trunks. He said he just stood there for a long time. He said he could hardly believe what she said. She had to say it again before he actually pulled them down. Next thing he knew, she was on her knees sucking his dick.

"He admitted he wasn't very experienced at the time and he came almost immediately. He also said he came so much that Mrs. Sanders commented about it. But he said he never saw a drop of it, so he figured she swallowed it all.

"She cleaned him up and put him back in his trunks and told him that if he can keep her little secret, she would make it worth his while. He asked her what she meant and she tells him that if he liked what she just did, he could have it every time she came to the gym. He couldn't believe it--a neighborhood mom was telling him she was going to blow him a few times a week! Well, he was a young, horny guy, so naturally he agreed pretty quickly.

"Anyway, it got to be a regular thing. She would blow the first guy and both of them would leave the supply room. Then Jeff would slip into the supply room and let Mrs. Sanders back in and she'd blow him too. For three summers she sucked his dick two or three times a week. And the other life guard as well.

"He said whenever he saw her around the neighborhood, she showed no indication at all that she knew him as anything but another of the local kids. Not even when there was no one else around. And nothing ever happened between them outside of their routine. And that's why he was so suspicious that any woman could be having an affair. After all, Mrs. Sanders was sucking off guys young enough to be her sons on a regular basis. But see her on the street and she looked and acted no different than any of the other wives and moms on the block. He said he loved to watch her work in her yard and think about how many times he had cum in her mouth and watched as she swallowed. Then he'd look at the other moms on the street and wonder how many of them were sucking some young guy--or guys--off."

Tracy sat nodding as Cathy finished her story.

"So what does that mean?" Tracy asked finally. "To us, I mean."

"Well, the reason I thought of it is because of the way Jeff described her telling him to pull trunks down," Cathy replied. "He pulled them down and she just did it. He was completely surprised. He told me that he knew he had something on her, but he never really knew he could actually use it. Especially not like that. When she actually did it, he was blown away. Pardon the expression!" she laughed.

"I still don't get what that means to us," Tracy said. "Do you think that she was like you? Really into giving blow jobs?"

"Well, yeah, probably" Cathy said. "But that's not the point. He gave her the push. He told her to go back in the supply room. That was enough of a push." Cathy understood the point she wanted to make, but didn't know how to explain it. "The first time I went to Tony's, that would have been all the push I needed. I guess I would have rather the push come that way than from you guys, you know, manipulating me."

"Your Mrs. Sanders had a bit more of a push than him telling her to go back to the supply room," Tracy countered. "She knew Jeff knew about her and the other guy, so she had to do something to protect herself. And it happened to be something she liked doing, so it worked out pretty well." Tracy gave Cathy a long, serious look.

"And you never would have gone to Tony's if we hadn't done what we did. And then it's pretty damn unlikely that you'd ever have gotten around to doing more than one guy. But maybe we were wrong." Cathy started to protest, but Tracy continued, "Okay, say we were wrong. At least in our methods. But admit that you want to do it again. Right now if you could!"

"And the other thing that made me think of that story is how right Jeff was," Cathy said, ignoring Tracy 's last remarks. "I mean, look at us! We're just like ol' Mrs. Sanders. We found a young stud to give us what we need and we made a routine out of it. And--hopefully--no one else has any clue."

"Do you think Mrs. Sanders is still going in there sucking some kid's cock three times a week?" Tracy asked.

"Funny, I hadn't thought about it that way, but she might. When Jeff knew he wasn't coming back the following summer, she got him to set her up with another kid that worked there. The other life guard had left by that time, so Jeff was the only one she was hooking up with." Cathy shrugged. "Think if Tony ever got a serious girlfriend, we'd have to have him round us up a new stud?" Cathy laughed, but even as Tracy laughed with her, she wondered what would happen.

"I guess that's the reason I thought of it," said Cathy after a few moments of introspection, "That we've become Mrs. Sanders. You, me, Trish. People see us going about our usual lives and no one suspects a thing. But we're sneaking into the supply room every week for some secret excitement."

"And you're wondering if we're the exception?" Tracy asked. "Or if a lot of women are doing it?"

"Something like that," Cathy answered. "But it's more like I'm thinking like Jeff now. Looking at the women at my kids' soccer games and wondering if any of them are. Looking at the women in the supermarket with a bunch of kids and wondering. Don't you?"

"I don't know," Tracy answered slowly. "Sometimes, I guess. But not always. Usually, there's something that tips you off, you know?"

"So you think there's something about you that would tip people off? What about me?" Cathy asked.

"Well, no. I don't mean like that." Tracy paused, thinking. "I mean.... well, hell. I don't really know what I mean, when you put it that way." Tracy shrugged. "Yeah, I guess if we're doing it and no one has a clue, why couldn't anyone else, right?"

"Now you got it," Cathy said emphatically. "I mean, we aren't the only ones, obviously. But how many more are there?"

"Well, there's Amy," Tracy said. "She's been fucking around on her husband since they got back from their honeymoon, just about!"

"And Margaret," Cathy pointed out. "Do you think she still sees Tony?"

"Probably," Tracy said without giving it much consideration. "But not like us. You know, on a regular basis. But I could see her doing it, if she had the chance. Hell, for that matter, I guess I could see just about any woman doing it if she had the chance. Given our circumstances, of course," Tracy quickly added.

"Our circumstances?" Cathy asked.

"Yeah, you know," Tracy replied. "If there was something missing from their relationship with their husbands and they had an opportunity to get it, well... why not?"

"I don't really think it's that simple," Cathy said, shaking her head. "After all, I had gone ten years without something, but until you pushed me--or tricked me, more like it--I would never have considered it."

"Are you sure?" Tracy asked, ignoring Cathy's jab. Cathy nodded, but she wasn't truly sure. Still, that was probably only hindsight. If she hadn't been with Tony and rediscovered her passion, then there never would have been a thirst to be slaked. Tracy must have read the uncertainty in Cathy's eyes.

"What if," she asked, "a guy approached you on his own and started hitting on you? And what if he was really getting your attention?"

"I don't think so," Cathy said. "I mean, it's not like I've never been hit on or flirted with. But that's all it was. And I never even thought about a guy like that in a sexual way." Tracy was nodding in agreement.

"Yeah, I guess that's pretty true for me too," she admitted. "It was only after I had seen Trish's tapes and she totally got me thinking about what I had been missing that I even really considered it."

"Same here," Cathy agreed. "I really hadn't even thought about giving head in so long I practically forgot about it altogether."

"So you think there probably aren't a lot of us out there?" Tracy asked. "We're among the few Mrs. Sanders?"

"That's kinda my question," Cathy replied. "I mean, there are going to be ones like Amy that no one would be surprised about. But what about the rest of them? How many of them are doing something, thinking about doing something or just cruising along ripe and waiting to be put in a situation like we were?"

Tracy sat thinking before answering.

"Well, I bet there are a lot of women who aren't getting everything they want from their husbands. But, like us, they sort of ignored it long enough and eventually forgot about it. Now if someone were to remind them, they might start thinking about what they were missing. But if they never have to confront it, they're probably content to keep it locked away."

"So you think that's what happened to us?" Cathy asked. "Trish kinda forced us to confront it?"

"Sort of," Tracy replied. "I mean, I hadn't forgotten about it. I just wasn't looking to do anything about it. What about you?"

"I think I had just forgotten," Cathy said. "I hadn't really even thought about it in God knows how long. Now, it's on my mind all the time."

"Yeah, that's how it is for me now," said Tracy . "It wasn't that I had forgotten completely, but I didn't really think about it much either. Now though," Tracy laughed, "I count the hours between times!"

"I've been masturbating a half dozen times a week," Cathy confessed. "And that's something I hardly ever did. But now, I get so horny waiting for the next time and all..." She shrugged. "I guess before, when I was with a guy who liked getting sucked all the time, there was no waiting, so I didn't get like that. Now though, I have an incredible time that makes me want it even more... and then I have to wait another week!"

"Speaking of incredible times," Tracy said. "What about it? Are you going to tell me?" Cathy drew a deep breath. She really wanted to tell Tracy everything. Had she done enough to make her point though? She didn't know. But she did know that it had been too good an experience not to talk about eventually. And if she was eventually going to tell Tracy anyway, wouldn't it be just as easy to go ahead and tell her now?

Even as she was about to begin relating her experience, another thought popped into her head. Something Tracy had said. It had been a joke, no doubt. But Cathy decided to throw it out there anyway.

"Remember when you said, if I did two guys, you'd let me watch Tony fuck you?" Cathy asked. The abruptness of the question registered immediately on Tracy 's face.

"Wha..?" Tracy asked. "Did I say that?"

"Yep. What about it?"

"Uh, I don't think it was really a serious offer," Tracy said, squirming a little in her chair. "Why? Would you really want to?" Cathy smiled and shook her head. Tracy relaxed visibly.

"No, I don't think I'd want to watch you fuck him," Cathy said, emphasizing the word 'fuck'. The emphasis wasn't lost on Tracy and her eyebrows arched. The two women looked at each other for a long moment. Cathy smiled and Tracy looked away.

"I... I don't know," Tracy stammered. "I mean, I guess we've already seen each other and all, but..." Tracy had the same issue that Cathy had. It was one thing to have someone see you on video afterward. It was quite something else to have them standing there watching while you were in the act.

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