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Trish sat at her desk in the store office watching one of the more recent videos Tony had made for her. It was after five and no one else was around, so she was free to rub herself through her slacks as she watched. This particular girl wasn't one of the best, but her awkwardness indicated her lack of experience and Trish found that appealing.

Trish had chosen this video because of that and because it was the first one of this particular girl. Trish had found that the second and third times Tony had filmed girls were not nearly as good as the first time. Once Trish had seen a girl suck his cock and/or fuck him, there was no big thrill to see her do it again. Trish wanted a steady parade of new faces. That was what she found stimulating. That so many were so willing.

To that end, Trish had found herself screwing around with the schedules of girls or being a bit tough on them once they had been taped. It was helping. Her turnover rate was higher than it had ever been. Ed bitched because he was forever having to train new people and deal with the mistakes that new people tended to make. But Trish didn't give a shit about that. As long as there was a stream of new girls coming in the door, girls that could potentially be added to her collection, she was as close to happy as she was going to get.

A knock at the outer office door interrupted her. She got up and went out to unlock the door. It was dark in the outer office. The lights were out and the door locked to give the impression no one was still there. The light from Trish's office couldn't be seen out here.

Only one person knew that the office wasn't deserted.

"Tony," she greeted him curtly as he entered and closed the door behind him. He held up a disk and smiled.

"You were so right about her," he said with a laugh. "She went for it just like you said."

Trish nodded. It really had been pretty obvious that Cathy, if set up, would do exactly what she had. Namely, to blow both Tony and Dave. She reached out to take the disk from Tony. He extended it out to her, then snatched it back at the last instant.

"Not so fast!" he laughed. He held up the video camera in his other hand. "We've got some business to see to first." He gestured toward her office.

Trish forced herself not to react. There was an anger in her. She wanted to tell him to go fuck himself in the worst way. But she kept her face expressionless. After all, he would love to have her curse at him, threaten him... and then get down on her knees and suck his cock.

And as much as she resented it, she was going to do it. It was the price she had to pay for him to provide her with a steady supply of masturbation material. But if she had to do it, she wanted to deny him as much pleasure as she could. The less willing she was, the more he enjoyed it. So she had learned to react stoically to his taunts.

At one time, there had been something in it for her. She had, by her own admission, gotten off watching herself perform fellatio. She had even "acted the part" to give herself a video worth watching later. But, like with the girls in the store, the thrill of it faded. It was new faces Trish wanted to see. And once the appeal of the videos waned, her reasons for continuing to do it had everything to do with Tony's desires and nothing to do with her own.

That galled her, but she was determined not to let it show. She continued to play for the camera and tell her friends how much she enjoyed seeing herself afterward. But the reality was different and every time she got down on her knees, she grew a little more bitter.

They retreated into Trish's office and Trish quickly got on her knees. It was another attempt to deny him enjoyment at her expense. He liked to tell her to get on her knees and then video tape her compliance. If she had disrupted anything for him though, he gave no sign.

"Oh, yeah, Trish! I like it when you get down on your knees in a hurry like that!" he said. The camera, Trish noted, was on and pointed at her.

"Let's get this over with," she replied with a carefully composed look of boredom on her face. He seemed in no hurry, panning the camera up and down her as she knelt on the floor. His smile was infuriating, but Trish's self-control didn't waiver. At last he set the camera down on the desk and pointed it at her. Then he stepped up to her and unzipped his fly.

"You know, Trish," he said as he fished his cock out of his pants, "sometimes I think it would be good enough to just stand here with my cock hanging in your face, 'cause I know you'd hate that!" He laughed and stepped close enough for his three-quarters erect cock to rub against her cheek. She looked up at him without moving out of the way, her look of boredom still protecting her. He rubbed it on her face for a few moments as she held still, ignoring his attempts to add to her humiliation.

"Nah," he said at last. "I think I'd rather have you suck it." He laughed.

"Whatever," she said flatly. She quickly took him into her mouth before he could taunt her further.

There was a familiarity to it. The way he felt in her mouth as he became fully erect. The taste and texture of the skin of his cock. How it stretched her lips as she took him deep into her mouth. She knew intimately every wrinkle and vein. Not because she wanted to. But because she was a pragmatist. Whatever could shorten the duration of this moment was useful to her. She didn't want to spend one second longer on her knees than she had to.

He groaned as her mouth slid up and down his pulsing shaft.

"God, I love having my cock in your mouth," he breathed huskily. Trish tried to ignore his words, but she felt the warm wetness between her legs. How she hated the way her body responded! Her self-control could not prevent it, and it made her angry with herself.

She moaned in response, momentarily forcing her mouth down on him until he pressed against the back of her throat. He groaned again.

"You know why I love it?" he asked. She didn't respond. "Because I don't have to hear your bitching!" he laughed. "I bet there are a bunch of guys that would love to shut you up by shoving their cocks in your mouth!"

Trish concentrated on trying to get him off, tried to block out his words. He was good at pushing her buttons, finding ways to make this as unpleasant as possible for her. She knew her best defense was to bring him to orgasm as quickly as she could. She moaned again and quickened her pace.

Just as she felt him starting to get close, he pulled away and retrieved the camera from the desk.

"No too fast!" he said, smirking. The smirk burned her and for an instant, she almost let herself fight back. But she quickly regained her bored look as he pointed the camera at her.

"So how does my cock taste tonight, Trish?" She looked at him and said nothing. "Ready to taste my cum?" He waited, but she remained silent. "If you want to drag this out..." he shrugged.

"Okay," she said in her best monotone, "I want you to cum in my mouth."

"And then?"

"I'm going to swallow it."

"Yeah, you are," he said, as if ordering her. She was bristling on the inside. He stepped back up to her and she leaned forward to take him back in her mouth. Just as her lips closed, he pulled back, eluding her. She leaned forward still farther, but once again he pulled back. It was a game she knew well. He told her that he liked seeing her reach for it, like she was desperate to have it. She played along, knowing that he would eventually relent and let her get on with finishing the task.

"How many people," Tony mused as he let her finally capture him again with her mouth, "would be surprised to see you on your knees like this? Sucking cock? You're the boss lady, right? You don't take crap from anyone and they all know it. Yet here you are, on your knees--on your knees, bitch! You hate being on your knees, don't you? Sucking my dick might piss you off, but having to do it on your knees... that's what really gets you, right?"

In reply, Trish redoubled her efforts, bobbing faster and deeper. All the while she tried not to notice the wetness between her legs that Tony's words had elicited.

"You hate being a cocksucker, but even more, you hate being a cocksucker on your knees, right?" She stifled a moan, her pussy dripping. She wanted so desperately for him to cum and let this be over.

Eventually, Tony relented. She felt him stiffening, the sign of his imminent orgasm. She didn't slow down until she felt the first hot, thick splatter from him hit her throat and tongue. The taste wasn't particularly pleasant, but it was familiar. More importantly, to Trish it had become associated with the end of the act and therefore almost a relief to taste it.

"Ah, damn!" breathed Tony as the stream from his cock subsided. "I bet even your husband hasn't cum in your mouth as much as I have." He flashed her a wicked grin. "And I know you've swallowed more of my cum than anyone else's." The most grating, irritating thing about it was that he was probably right. He most definitely was about the swallowing.

She was careful to milk him thoroughly, making sure she drained him completely. If she didn't, he would rub any dribbles on her face or her hair or her clothes. His sperm on her face far more demeaning. At least when she swallowed it, there was very little to see on the video. By contrast, the sight of his cum smeared across her cheek was a scarlet letter, loaded with humiliation.

At last she finished and sat back on her heels. She stared blankly, keeping her mask of boredom intact. This was another part of the game. She couldn't get up until he told her she could. Some times he would wait for several minutes, savoring her discomfort. Or walk around her with the camera, video taping her on her knees from every angle.

Tonight, something different was happening and Trish didn't know what it was. That made her nervous. As much as she detested this routine, it was a routine. Predictable. It was like paying taxes. It had to be done, but there was a formula to it. Once paid, she could relax until they were due again. Any variation was unlikely to be a good thing.

Without instructing her to get up, Tony walked out of the office. Confused, Trish rose and, after a moment of hesitation, began to follow. Before she got much farther than her office door, though, she saw something that stopped her cold.

Tony was coming back through the outer office and his friend Dave was behind him. The fact that Tony still had the disk in his hand sent a cold shiver down her spine.

"Hey, get back in there!" Tony said, gesturing back toward her desk. "We aren't done yet!" His smile was making her blood rise. She didn't know what Tony had in mind. But if he wanted what she thought he did, the answer was no.

"What do you mean?" she asked, fighting to keep her tone level, flat.

"This," Tony said, holding up the disk, "is a two blow job disk. It deserves a second blow job, dontcha think?"

In spite of her self control, her arms folded across her chest and her legs and hips switched to a familiar defiant stance. She shook her head.

"No, I don't think so, Tony."

"You sure?" he asked. "This one's pretty hot." He waved the disk again. Jaw clenched, she shook her head again.

"It's not going to happen," she said. She wanted to scream it at him, but she knew it only fed into his enjoyment. She wasn't sure if she was more pissed off at his audacity, expecting her to go down on this kid at his command. Or the fact that even after she had sucked his cock, he was going to leave without giving her that new disk.

Tony shrugged. He turned to his friend.

"Sorry dude," he said to Dave. "I thought she'd be a little more willing, given what's on here." Again he waved the disk. Trish bristled, her jaw muscles clenching.

It burned her not to get that disk. She had truly been looking forward to it. But here was a precedent that she would not set. Trish knew if she were to give in, there would be no limits. Tony could push her to anything. She would be forced to her knees again and again, as many times as he wanted. No, she had already given too much ground.

She watched stone-faced as Tony and Dave left the office. Then she went back to her desk, unzipped her slacks and brought herself to orgasm as she watched the video she had had on earlier.

Though she denied it to herself, her orgasm didn't come from watching the awkward girl blow Tony. She was fingering herself, hearing his words in her head, "How many people would be surprised to see you on your knees like this?" The next instant her hips were bucking as she climaxed.

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