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Tom and Carol had been married almost thirty years now. Tom was self-employed, and his wife was a retired teacher. They hadn't had a vacation for almost eight years now. Their anniversary was fast approaching and Carol had finally convinced her husband to take some time off and take a trip Hilton Head. Both were in their fifties, and the prospect of retirement was not in his immediate future, so Tom was reluctant to go.

Yet, year after year he had promised his wife he would take her on a vacation. Every year was the same. She would ask and he would find an excuse not to go. His reasons weren't unreasonable by any means. Being self-employed was difficult. It meant long hours, especially when the economy was suffering. His wife had a great retirement plan, but to keep the business going required hands-on control of every aspect of the one-man business. Tom knew if they were going to eventually retire, he needed to work.

It wasn't always like that. He remembered fondly the swinging lifestyle he and his wife had enjoyed when they were younger. Retirement was so far in the future it wasn't even a thought. Taking a couple days, or even a couple weeks off didn't matter. It was a carefree life back then.

Carol had maintained her youthful appearance. She was a tall woman, almost six feet in her bare feet. Her short, natural blonde hair curled in around her thin face. Tom's friends always looked at his wife with a certain admiration, even lust, in their eyes. They watched as their own wives grew older with them, yet this blonde marvel didn't seem to age. It was as though she remained trapped in a time warp.

People that didn't know her would guess her age at thirty-five or forty. Tom chuckled softly remembering a time a couple years previously, a young guy at a local pool, maybe around thirty, hit on his wife as her legs dangled in the pool.

And, that's what it was - her legs. Long, slender legs! They were the one physical attribute that had attracted him to her in the first place. Even now, two years later, at a recent play, she still could turn the heads of men of all ages. That night she wore a mid-calf length black skirt with slits up the side that exposed her creamy white thighs when she sat down. A black camisole top with material so thin a person could peek inside and the see the lush red nipples darkened only by the color of the of the top.

No, Carol never wore a bra. Her pert tits hadn't sagged with age and stood now as they had more than twenty years earlier. If she had worn a bra it would have been a 38B, but except on very special occasions, she never did. She loved the feel of the silky material caressing her nipples and making them hard. In the dimly lit theater that night men noticed the hard little nubs pressing out against the silken top.

"So, are we actually gonna do it this year; go somewhere, Tom?" She asked expecting the familiar answer. Not to her surprise, he told her yes, but she had heard that answer so many times before only to be disappointed each time.

Carol reminded him of past promises and that this would be their anniversary present to themselves. She insisted Tom find the time and just do it, even a week would be good enough.

"Tom, we've got to jump-start our marriage," she told him.

"We're doing fine, I'll do what I can, I promise," he told her just as he always did.

The next day Carol came home with travel brochures for Hilton Head and showed them to Tom. He feigned interest while going over ledger sheets. She continued to talk about the trip and Tom continuing to work while listening at the same time.

All of a sudden she caught his attention. Throwing plane tickets on his books she told him, "Tom, here's two first class tickets, we leave in two weeks. Everything is going to be first class and, everything's already paid for. All non-refundable!"

"What...what the fuck, Carol, how much is this thing gonna cost?" he asked. There was a hint not so much of anger in his voice, but irritation.

"More than you wanna know," she laughed. "It'll be fun. We need to do some shopping so close up those books and let's go. The numbers will be the same when we get back."

Tom was beside himself. He couldn't understand she didn't realize they couldn't afford to do this and he certainly couldn't take the time off work. As he was starting to protest about work, she cut him off, grabbing his arm and dragging out of the chair by the kitchen.

"C'mon, big boy, let's go!" she said. The words were pleasant but the tone was harsh.

He thought quickly and resigned himself to going for a night of shopping. Secretly, the words, "big boy" turned him on. He hadn't heard those words, her pet name for him, for years. It brought back memories of the days they used to belong to a local swing club. Big boy-yes! Tom was a big man in more ways than one.

A tall man, Tom towered over most men. He hadn't changed much over the years - a little less hair and his beard had speckles of gray in it now. His once hard body was still on the lean side, but there was a slight paunch at his belly. It wasn't noticeable except when he sat down and even then, not all that much. His weight over the years had remained pretty much the same. Oh, it may have shifted some, but the frugal man was still able to wear clothes he kept put away more than 20 years before. More than anything else though, despite the pressures of work, he had retained his sense of humor and charm.

The shopping trip turned out to be more fun for Carol than Tom. One outfit in particular brought a stirring to his loins. Carol came out of a dressing room wearing a light-blue mini-dress that clung tightly to her body. It was clear not only to Tom, but another man waiting for his wife to emerge from another room she was without bra or panties.

Carol's hard nipples strained against the fabric. The material was so thin her skin looked pale blue except for the darkness of the aureoles trying to escape the confines of the tight dress. Tom gazed at his wife and heard a gasp of delight from the man next to him. "Why not wear it home," Tom told her.

He could feel his cock grow in his pants. It was semi-rigid when he stood up, a fact not lost on the man next to him. As all 6 feet, 4 inches of Tom stood up his pubic area was right in front of the man's face. The slight tenting in his pants gave the stranger an uneasy feeling, yet his eyes were transfixed on the bulge. Sure, he probably would have liked to look at the long legs and firm breasts of Carol, but the large man blocked the stranger's view of the delectable woman.

As Tom turned toward his wife, she noticed what the man had seen. After looking down on his cock, she looked up and exchanged a knowing glance with her husband. "Okay! Let's go pay for it and get home."

Carol hastily grabbed her clothes and they made their way to the register. Tom didn't blink an eye when he heard the cashier announce the total. Normally he would have been shocked but his only thoughts now were about getting home and letting his hard cock slide between the full lips of Carol's mouth and later fucking his wife like in days that now seemed so long ago. It was a late night for the couple.

Morning came too quickly for Tom, but when he awoke, he found his wife propped up in the bed. She had a cup of coffee waiting for him. Groggy, he sat up and leaned against the headboard accepting the needed coffee gladly from her. Tom took two sips and then a larger swallow of the black coffee. Carol leaned over close to Tom and started to speak in a whispering voice to him. "Guess who I ran into yesterday?" Knowing he was tired and probably not in the mood to play guessing games, she simply added, "Donna."

At first the name didn't click. Searching his memory he remembered a young woman from years ago they had met at a party. Now a warm feeling ran through his body remembering the pretty woman. "Donna...Donna who?"

"C'mon Tom, you remember Donna. Hell, you have a hard-on for a week when you think about her!"

He knew now exactly who his wife was talking about. It was the party. It seemed like only yesterday and yet it was easily fifteen years ago. "You mean that tall, good-looking strawberry blonde with the dazzling blue eyes with the short halter dress that matched the color of her hair," he said in a teasing voice. "No, I don't think I do."

"Yeah, right! Well, she and her husband, you remember him? Dave? Well, they're going on a trip too. I saw her when I was getting the plane tickets but I didn't have much of a chance to talk to her."

"Did she say where they were going?" he asked, his interest sparked by thoughts of the woman. "What does she look like?"

"Better than before and no, she didn't say where they were going because she was in a hurry."

"Did she remember me?" he asked, his curiosity piqued. "Did you ask her?"

"Afraid not, didn't have time to talk to her."

"I kind of remember her husband and if I remember correctly, you were pretty interested in him but I think they were with another couple or something."

"Yeah, that's them and that's the guy. Man I would have loved to fuck him, or at least suck his cock that night!"

Tom's memories of the swinging scene were many, but the one thing that turned him on the most was watching Carol with another man, any man. Lost in a world of images, Carol snuggled up to him pressing her mouth to his ear. Tom listened to her speak in a raspy voice describing in detail how she would like to take Dave's cock in her mouth and suck the head getting him hard and then pull him on top of her, letting his cock push slowly into her warm, wet pussy. She would hold it tightly inside her milking his cum inside of her. The hot talk and erotic visions dancing in his head soon had Tom taking the initiative.

In a matter of moments he and Carol were rolling on the bed fucking with reckless abandon. Their hips banged hard together. Tom's cock pushed as deep as he could into her until their bodies shook and they came together with great intensity. They crumpled in a heap on the bed, their bodies covered in sweat.

After that morning there were no second thoughts about the vacation by Tom. The sexual tension released from his body was only momentary. He looked at his wife with a lust he hadn't felt in years and couldn't wait to get to Hilton Head. Still, there were other thoughts flashing through his mind as he continued working each day.

As the day to leave approached, his thoughts drifted to Donna. He could only remember her as she was when he last saw her. Of course, Carol had seen her but the description she had given wasn't much to go on. She couldn't possibly look the same after all these years. Tom knew the chances of running into her in Hilton Head were next to zero, but still, the sweet voice of his wife describing what she wanted to do to Dave so many years before brought other thoughts to mind.

What if, he wondered, they ran into another couple on vacation. It had been so long since he and Carol had been active in the swinging lifestyle. There was no doubt his wife could attract men. After all, she still did back home and chances were great she would feel less restrained far from home.

As for him, well, he knew he wasn't bad looking at all. The gray-speckled beard gave him a distinguished look. He thought back and yes, there were women that found him attractive. Keeping himself busy at work he hadn't really paid attention at the time. Maybe they would run into somebody, a couple, on vacation. It was more just fantasy on his part, but still, it could happen. Perhaps a tryst could continue to rekindle the flames of desire he and his wife now felt for each other.

Tom felt anxious boarding the plane. He hated flying. His wife had booked first class seats. This was the first time they had flown first class. It didn't make the uneasiness go away for him, but it was comfortable sitting up front in spacious compartment.

Carol sat down next to him. She knew how Tom felt about flying. She was just the opposite. She had made many long flights to visit an old college friend in California and this trip would only be a couple hours at the most. But she did feel for Tom and feel for him in more ways than one. She was determined to make this a comfortable flight for her husband.

Tom's hands tightened on the armrests of his seat as the sound of the jet engines grew louder. Draping a small coat over his lap, she pressed her hand down firmly over the zipper of his pants. She knew he was nervous and didn't expect a reaction as the jet moved slowly down the runway picking up speed. But she was wrong.

The past two weeks had conditioned his cock to respond to her slightest touch. She could feel his cock start to grow under the pressure of her hand. Her fingers kneaded through the front of his pants feeling the outline of the shaft of his cock grow even firmer between her fingers.

The plane was in the air and Tom leaned back and closed his eyes. He enjoyed the feel of the fingers squeezing through his pants at his burgeoning cock. A flight attendant interrupted his daydreaming asking if they would like something. There was knowing look in her eyes as they both politely declined.

With great dexterity she unzipped his pants. The coat still covered his lap. Without being able to see and using one hand, she was able to pull his fully erect cock out through the slit of his underwear. The feel of her fingers on his bare cock sent a shiver through his body. He wanted so much to grab her, to kiss her, to feel her breasts with his hands, but couldn't. There were too many people around. They were taking enough risk just by what she was doing under his coat.

Tom glanced nervously around to see if anyone was looking at them. Everyone appeared totally occupied to pay attention to the coat now magically moving up and down on his lap. Carol stroked his cock slowly. She was being so casual about it.

She peered out the window looking at the clouds below while her hand continued to work up and down the cock. Precum rolled out of the top of his cock falling to her fingers. When enough had gathered, she moved her fingers just under the head of cock and circled her fingers. The feeling running through his body made him delirious with pleasure.

He fought the urge to jerk his hips up and down and she continued to stroke, jerking faster now at the cock. She put her hand over the top of the expanded cock head and rubbed the precum lightly around. She could feel his cock start to jump in her hand and knew he was close to coming. It would be only a matter of seconds.

On the pretense of dropping something on the floor, she bent forward. Taking a quick look around the cabin she didn't notice anyone paying attention to them. She looked up into Tom's eyes. She saw the familiar look of, "Yes, now!" in them. Lowering her head quickly she took the head of his cock into her mouth.

The feel of her mouth, the excitement of getting his cock sucked on the plane with passengers sitting around them was more than Tom could take. His cock erupted in her mouth filling it with his hot, sticky cum. Carol forgot about the other people around them and moved her hand down under his balls and pushed. More cum spurted into her mouth. Without stopping, she kept her head still and sucked down his hot offering.

For the rest of the plane ride Tom and Carol sat quietly. As the plane made its final approach, Carol put her hand over her husband's. She expected to feel the white-knuckled death grip on the armrest, but he was relaxed and calm.

After picking up their luggage at the airport, they made their way to the hotel. As they checked in, a young man wheeled their luggage to their fourth floor room. Tom surprised Carol by suggesting a quick walk on the beach. No, she told him, they needed to get unpacked first and settle in.

Walking into the spacious room, Carol almost ran to the sliding glass door on the other side of the room. Opening it quickly she stepped out on the balcony and looked at the pool below and out over the vast ocean to the horizon.

"Tom," she called out. "Come out and here and look at this, it's absolutely beautiful!"

Joining her on the balcony, he turned to her and said, "Yeah, Carol, it's gorgeous, it really is." The words from her husband sounded good to her. Their first trip in so many years and tone of his voice assured her he was sincere.

The first two days were uneventful, at least from the standpoint of what Tom had in mind. They made love continuously. By the third day, Tom felt now was the time to begin putting his plan into action. It may not work, but he would never know if he didn't try.

"I think I'm gonna need a prescription for Viagra," he jokingly told her. "Maybe we need a little change of pace or something different. Don't you ever get tired?"

Carol just laughed. "You know, maybe you're right. Something different, somewhat a little more exciting to keep that old libido fired up. Follow me!"

Carol grabbed him by the arm and led him to the balcony. They stood quietly along the railing of the balcony overlooking the ocean. It was about ten at night, but people were sitting around the pool, some were swimming, a handful of people were sitting outside their rooms enjoying the tranquility of the sound of the ocean.

"Here, sit down on the big chair," Carol instructed him.

Easing himself into the chair, he expected Carol to sit next to him. Instead she dropped to her knees in front of him. Shrugging her shoulders she let her robe fall to her waist. She reached up to unfasten the sash of his robe and opened the front. Tom was taken aback at first.

"Honey, there's people around, on the balconies and people down by the pool or on the beach can probably see."

"Let 'em watch, let 'em all watch me suck your cock!"

Carol turned suddenly aggressive and moved her mouth quickly over the semi-rigid cock. She sucked at a feverish pace. Tom looked around. There were people standing out on the balconies of several rooms. He looked down toward the pool area and the beach. It was dusk, but still, dark enough that he wasn't sure if they saw the two of them. He could only guess they did.

Tom's cock grew harder in his wife's mouth. The sensations of her warm mouth coupled with the thought of people watching turned him on even more than he had been on the plane coming over. That time there was more fear of getting caught. Here, he felt relatively safe.

Carol's pace was frenzied. Tom was on the verge of coming. Low groans escaped his throat. She could feel the hard cock start to quiver in her mouth. Then she stopped. Tom tried hard to push his hips up, but she pushed on his thighs hard with her hands.

"Not yet," she told him. Standing up, she let the robe partially draping her body drop to the floor. In a matter of seconds she was straddling his body. Pulling the pink lips of her pussy apart with her hands, she slowly lowered herself down. He guided his cock into the opening as she lowered herself further taking his hot cock slowly into her pussy.

Slowly, at least in the beginning, Carol dropped straight down, taking the throbbing cock deep inside her. Her arms went around his neck. She bounced up and down the length of his shaft grinding her hot pussy hard against it. Carol's head tilted upward. Her mouth opened and screams of pleasure filled the night sky. If no one had noticed before, they certainly did now.

She continued fucking fast and hard. Tom could feel her body tense up and a final scream rang out as she came. Her body tightened on his. Tom could feel the spasms digging through her body. Her face buried in his shoulder now, she bit down hard. A small yelp of pain mixed with pleasure came from Tom.

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