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Judy and Dee gave us all quite a ride that night in Cancun. They were definitely women in charge, and knew full well what they wanted. Unfortunately, after that night Dee went back to Louisiana, and we headed back home. But memories are great, aren't they?

Once back home we settled into our routine until business took me to Houston. Houston on the weekend is just the place for Judy to attract the attention she loves, so she went with me. While I had meetings, she shopped for new, short, skirts and blouses that provided tantalizing views and easy access by her admirers.

Not wanting to waste time, our first night in town we had dinner and jumped in the shower together. Now that may not seem like much, but a shower with Judy can be quite enjoyable. While staring into me eyes, she loves to lather up her hands and reach down and cup my balls. Her slick hands quickly get the results she desires, and she begins to stroke my entire length with one hand while her other works the underside of my balls. She usually manages to lift her satin smooth leg and brush it alongside my leg and thigh a few times to heighten the feelings. She will sometimes stop as quickly as she began, leaving me rock hard and dripping pre-cum through the soapy head of my cock. Other times she will bring me to completion so she can enjoy the feeling of my hot slick cum running through her fingers and mixing with the soapy warm water. But this night she left me hard, and with a wicked grin told me I would need my loads for later that night. She had "plans".

Leaving the shower, stiff, I dried off and dressed while she washed and shaved. Shaved very close. I watched her carefully run her razor over every fold, making sure to leave herself as smooth as she could. Satisfied, she dried herself off and dressed. If you can call it dressing. An all but non-existent yellow thong that hardly covered her pussy, a sweater that tonight served as an entire dress and her spiked heals and she was ready to go. Oh, earrings, can't forget the earrings. As she walked past me it was obvious her "dress" would do little to cover her ass when she danced, but that is the idea, right?

So off dancing we went. The club we go to never has more than about 15 people in it, and this night was no different, with six couples and three single guys. Scanning the room, we could see a few couples were really just there to watch, and a few we knew were always there to just be watched. We circled the bar once, greeting old friends. The men would shake hands while the women were hugged and groped. By the time we made it around, the bartender had our drinks out, and the DJ had set up a few songs he knew we liked. Our bar stools were on the back side of the bar where we could watch the room. There was only two feet between us and the wall, so it made a cozy area along a rather dark wall. As Judy was taking her seat the DJ came around behind her and cupped both her breasts as he nuzzled her neck. She stood up and turned to face him, which caused her dress to ride up almost to her waist. She was wasting no time tonight that was certain. A quick hello followed by a deep kiss, as he ran his hands down her back and across her now exposed ass. Meanwhile she reached between them and grabbed his cock through his pants. She had always wanted his cock in her, but his girlfriend always seemed to get in the way when she was there, so she settled for grinding him hard and letting him finger her through her now wet thong.

This pretty well set the stage for the single guys sitting around the bar. It was obvious that Judy was available and enjoyed male attention. But our songs began and we took to the dance floor. A few spins around, and her dress was hiked up exposing her gorgeous ass and the tiny patch of thong in front. As I spun her I would "accidentally" brush her breasts with my hand, making sure the guys saw her smiling when I did it. My cock was already hard again as she came back against me, pressing her heated pussy against my crotch. We kissed and returned to the bar.

Almost immediately another slow song started and one guy asked Judy to dance. I nodded ever so slightly and she slid off her stool and led the way to the floor. Her arms went immediately around his neck as she plastered herself against him. Hesitant at first, he rested his hands on the small of her back, but she arched herself into him and literally straddled his thigh, so he quickly got with the program and let his hands drop past her waist and to the top of her ass. They danced, and chatted, but when the song ended she turned and walked back to the bar for a drink. She looked at me and her eyes said he wasn't "exactly right".

Within a few minutes, the other two guys came over and introduced themselves. Cruise ship representatives from Florida. What a job! Nice enough she thought, so Judy continued the conversation and turned on her stool to face between them. The taller of the two, Brad, was seated in front of her while Tony stood beside her. I sat behind her. She would turn slightly left to pick up her drink, or right to look back at me and smile. With her dress as short as it was we all could see her beautiful thighs. As she bent back around to pick up her drink or talk to me she would lean back and everyone could see her tiny thong.

When Brad commented about her pretty legs, she informed him they were smooth too, and added "see", as she took his hand and placed it high on her thigh. Not to be left out, Tony reached down and placed his hand on her other thigh, and she squirmed on her stool and her legs parted slightly. They left there hands there, until she took Tony's and moved it slowly further up her leg. She parted her legs more and her crotch became visible to them both as she leaned back against me. Her arms dropped to her side and she sat there vulnerable to their touches.

I reached around her and cupped her breasts, massaging them through her dress which caused her dress to hike up further. Her dress now hiked up around her waist, she sat there with her eyes closed as both Tony and Brad brushed her pussy through her thong with their fingertips. She reached over her head and grabbed me for a kiss, a deep kiss with her tongue lashing in and out of my mouth. A momentary break to tell me she loved me, and she drove her tongue back into my mouth as the two continued exploring her crotch and now wide open legs.

Suddenly she took a deep breath and stood up between them. Backing up against Tony she pushed him backwards until his back was against the wall. She then took one hand and ran it behind her and grabbed his cock while she took her other hand and reached out for Brad's crotch. Judy would then bend over and press her ass against Tony, placing both hands on Brad. Then stand erect and reach behind her for Tony's cock. Fumbling, I knew she was freeing him for her grasp. Then she looked at me, and smiled while she licked two fingers and ran them behind her to moisten up his cock.

Tony had raised her dress to her waist, and had his hands running down her stomach and inside her thong as she stroked his hard cock. Brad would reach up and fondle her breasts. All the while she was squirming, moving her body to take full advantage of the sensations these two were giving her. Because this was not about them, it was about her.

She jolted to a stop when her favorite song came on; she took me by the hand and told everyone we were dancing. Once on the floor I wrapped her in my arms and we held each other close. My hand ran down to her ass and I could feel the wetness the Tony had left there. Not cum, but pre-cum as she had his cock so teased up he was apparently ready to burst.

And burst he would. For as soon as the song ended she walked back to her chair, took a drink and knelt in front of Tony. His dick was down her throat in an instant. Her mouth cold from her drink wrapped around his hot dick. Although she was blocked from general view by the bar Brad and I had a great view of her swallowing the entire length of his cock. Her blonde hair would shake as she took him completely and then tussled her head side to side. I could hear her hum on his cock. Tony was fighting to make it last but within a few seconds he was gritting his teeth and groaning as his body tensed. Judy swallowed it all, as she usually does. She sucked his cock dry and then let it plop from her mouth as she turned to look at me with a satisfied grin. But now to Brad. She took another drink and was ready for him.

As she faced him, I hooked my hands in her thong and began to slide it down her legs. She giggled and wiggled her ass to help me. She stepped between his legs as she reached for his zipper. Freeing his cock, she asked "do you mind if I suck you a little?" She knew his answer, but politeness counts. Before he could answer, she had him totally engulfed. He gasped with the suddenness of it and the wetness of her mouth.

As she bent over, Judy's ass was pointed at me so I took the liberty of placing a finger on her clit. Being the loving husband I am, I first dipped it into my Vodka so she could get the cold jolt she had so kindly shared with Tony and Brad. She initially jumped, but immediately took Brad deeper in her mouth. Her hands now cupped his balls to urge his cock harder. As she did this, I felt her pussy so hot and wet and decided that I needed to share in some of her delights. Quickly my dick was out and I replaced my finger with the head of my cock. Judy knew this feeling well, and pushed back against me to take my entire length inside her. I grabbed her hips as handles and pushed hard into her. With me pounding her she could not keep Brad in her mouth, so she let him go and slowly stroked his cock with her hand. Between the earlier shower, the dance floor groping and rubbing me through my pants, it was only a few minutes until I filled her with my own hot cum.

She stood up and pressed herself against Brad who was slightly confused by the sudden change of position. But I took her ass in my hands and slowly lifted her a few inches off the floor. As I did so she spread her legs and straddled Brad's lap. With her arms now around his neck she began to grind her pussy against his cock. This was entirely about her as she moved exactly how she wanted, to make herself feel what she wanted.

She began to lift herself up, so Brad and I both helped her rise up until she felt the tip of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. Wiggling slightly for a second, she then let herself fall onto his cock. Her pussy was dripping with my cum and she took his entire cock in one swift motion. She moaned aloud, but didn't care if the bartender heard her. Heck, we both knew the bartender was jealous it wasn't her getting the workout. Holding tight to Brad's neck Judy was able to just pump her hips and get all the cock action she wanted. And Brad was not going to complain. Having come to the club for a drink, hoping to get a few glimpses of some naked tits, and here he was getting his cock sucked and fucked. He had a firm hold of her tight ass in both hands as she rode him. He held her, but she was in charge and she was moving to make herself come. And come she did. At first she just whimpered but then she grabbed him tightly and came hard on his cock. She had clenched her teeth, biting at Brad's shirt, so when she screamed it was muffled, but scream she did as her pussy throbbed and drenched Brad's hard cock with her juices.

Not finished, Brad then took over. Still holding her ass, he used her to fuck his cock. He pulled her hard onto him and let her weight slide her back before pulling her against him again. For all his efforts to be a guy taking what he wanted, Judy quickly regained her composure and wrapped her legs tightly around him. This prevented him from moving her, and she stared at him as she clamped her pussy muscles down on his cock. Grinding herself onto him with her pussy on fire from coming he quickly succumbed and shot his hot come into her. Judy continued to ride his dick as he clenched his eyes enjoying the sensations, yet the sensitivity was almost too much to bear.

Finally she let him go, and as his cock fell from her pussy the cum followed and streamed across his pants. A moment of clumsiness and she was standing between us all. She gathered her thong and excused herself to the ladies room. Satisfied, but slightly embarrassed, Brad took napkins and cleaned up his pants as best he could while I ordered drinks for Judy and me. Brad and Tony might have been done but I sensed Judy would not be. The club closed (as in they locked the doors) in 30 minutes, the DJ's girlfriend was not coming to the club tonight. So the evening was looking like it might be real fun. A quick trip to the bathroom myself, and I was back at our seats waiting for Judy to return.

As I looked up I saw Judy returning from the washroom, but she was not alone. Karen, another woman we knew, was talking to her. As they approach Karen leaned over and kissed me as Judy waved to her husband Steve to join us in our corner. Then I noticed that Karen was carrying Judy's thong in her hand. Normally Karen played with well hung single guys while Steve watched and played with her fabulous breasts. As Judy and Karen were already dueling with their tongues as Steve approached and raised his glass in a welcoming toast to me. I guess the DJ could wait until some other day.

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